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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Improving Behavioral Targeting: Five Issues

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I'd like to offer the two following statements. They're both true - and yet very clearly contradict each other:

- Behavioral Targeting is the future of online media.
- Behavioral Targeting is a load of hype.

Thus, the paradox. Behavioral Targeting (BT) is a load of hype and in some respects should besubjected to cocktail hour mockery in the same way that concepts such as "One-to-One marketing" and "CRM" are often derided. BT has clearly been the unlucky recipient of thatdreaded curse of Internet business - it's been horribly over-promised and chronically underdelivered.

But it's also without question the future of online media. From Bob Garfield's Jetsonian world ofthe future, to Lorraine Ross of USA Today's program for dynamically serving web pages, BT is increasingly recognized as the penultimate way to reach that elusive customer at the right placeand the right time.

We all have a stake in overcoming this contradiction. So I'd like to share with you what I believeneeds to happen for BT to take off as promised - and how we can allay some of the factors that are currently helping to prevent that from happening.

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This article was originally written for a popular trade magazine, but was heavily edited. As such, Chapell & Associates has decided to publish the aritcle in its original and unedited format through our website.

posted by Isaac on Wednesday, May 03, 2006

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