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Monday, July 10, 2006

The Corruptables, brought to you by the EFF

Does anyone remember the ACLU Pizza video? I sure do. I thought it was a brilliant effort, even if I didn't exactly agree with their viesion of Database America.

Now, thanks to Kevin Heller's
Tech Law Advisor blog, I've come accross this excellent piece from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Check it out - its cool. And its on point.

One area that doesn't get enough mention within the context of the great DRM debate is the impact that many of these devices have upon your privacy. I participated on a panel on this subject with some of my colleagues from Delloitte at the last IAPP conference.

Oftentimes, in order to enforce a copyright, the entainment industry needs transparency into the way users interact with various media. In other words, the entertainment industry needs to track the music consumption habits of EVERY user if they want to catch the 'bad guys' who are 'stealing' music. And historically, they don't do a great job of notifying users that they are collecting this data, explaining why they are collecting it, how long it will be stored, Etc...

And what are they doing with the music consumption data? In many instances, this data is being handed over to marketing and other departments. In privacy circles, that's considered a big no no. But in the DRM world where "it's my bloody content and I'll go to whatever lengths I need to in order to enforce my rights," it's all too commonplace...
posted by Alan on Monday, July 10, 2006

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