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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Microsoft Hops on the Behavioral-Targeting Bandwagon

ClickZ - November 8, 2006 - Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions recently hopped on the bandwagon of publishers offering behavioral targeting. I caught up with Meera Bhatia, group product planner at Microsoft, who gave me the lowdown on the offering.

Anna Papadopoulos: When did MSN begin offering behavioral targeting?

Meera Bhatia: We have been running internal and pilot programs for the last year, but we officially launched our offering on September 5.

The Chapell View
Sorry to rain on the parade here, folks. I 'm a big fan of Behavioral Targeting, and genuinely believe that it represents not only the future of online advertising - it represents a future that consumers can embrace. However....

There are at least 50 companies who currently offer some form of behavioral targeting services. Yet, fewer than half of them are currently listed as members of the Network Advertising Initiative, the industry trade association responsible for creating and (with the help of TRUSTe) enforcing privacy standards for Behavioral targeting.

At one time, the FTC applauded the NAI Principles for Online Preference Marketing (now more commonly referred to as Behavioral Targeting) as a vehicle for ensuring privacy via Notice and Choice mechanisms. But if the industry isn't fully embracing/adopting these standards, it would seem only a matter of time before Regulators step in.
posted by Alan on Wednesday, November 08, 2006

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