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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Revol trials ad-supported wireless service

Regional carrier Revol is testing an ad supported wireless service, reports RCRNews.

“The key to our solution is that it delivers content in a seamless and
unobtrusive manner that will be accepted and welcomed by consumers,” said Jon
Jackson, Mobile Posse’s CEO. “By giving consumers the opportunity to opt-in and
specify the types of content and offers they would like to receive, we are
bringing to market the mobile advertising solution of choice.”

I get it. People like relevant advertising and content. And they also like paying less on their wireless bill. But if you're going to require that people opt-in for ads and content in order to garner those savings, you'd better make sure that the interface is fun, easy to use, and offers lots of choices regarding ads and content they see. Right now, most of the mobile interfaces I've seen aren't there yet.

I'm sure the results of this trial will be very positive - but so were most of the email coregistration programs back in 2002. Consumers may enjoy the novelty of this program now, but I have a feeling we will see response rates quickly fade, and the ad delivery mechanisms grow increasingly obtrusive.
posted by Alan on Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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