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Saturday, June 14, 2008

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Tuesday June 17 2:00pm, Marriott Time Square, NYC

Breakout One: Are We Engaged? The Meaning of the New Metrics
"Engagement" is the new black of online marketing: fashionable and perhaps designed to cover a multitude of sins, particularly lack of reach. As audiences fragment and media brands struggle to scale, publishers now sell their ability to engage visitors on their sites with their content, and presumably with advertisers aligned with this brand loyalty. But what is "engagement" anyway? Are there any metrics to indicate depth of involvement with a site? Does content engagement translate into ad effectiveness? When forums, videos, or games pump up "time spent" on a site, is that a fair indication of user loyalty? Ultimately, do media buyers accept this argument that deeper, longer, more targeted audiences make up for lack of scale?

Alan Chapell
, President, Chapell & Associates
Kevin Mannion, Founder and Owner, Sky Road Consulting
David Honig, Co-founder, Media6°
Jill Griffin, Director of Marketing, Hearst Magazines Digital Media
John Brauer, Media Analyst, Nielsen Online
Ken Shapiro, Sales Manager, Turner Sports and Entertainment Digital


posted by Alan on Saturday, June 14, 2008

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