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Thursday, December 06, 2012

 iMedia Agency Summit

December 2-5, 2012 Scottsdale, AZ

Privacy Debate: Urgent Issue or Industry Hype?

Consumer privacy and protection has long been discussed in the digital advertising world with fear and speculation. We all remember well the dismal fate of the telemarketing business once the "Do Not Call" registry was enacted. Exactly how far away is the interactive media industry from a severe FTC "Do Not Track" law that could dramatically change the landscape of our business? And, how exactly should we be regulating our tracking practices as an industry before Congress does it for us with strident do-not-track legislation that will allow consumers to block marketers from collecting information about their online activities.
Join Alan Chapell, President, Chapell & Associates, in a spirited debate with privacy experts and luminaries Marc Groman, Executive Director, General Counsel, NAI Omar Tawakol, CEO, BlueKai. Chapell will provide insight into the day's current privacy debate, pro and con. Groman and Tawakol will each take opposing stances from consumer advocacy fighting for increased privacy in the name of safety, and the marketers fighting to preserve current tracking behavior in the name of delivering consumers a richer interactive experience with targeted advertising and content. This isn't your typical privacy discussion. Prepare for an impassioned point, counter-point debate, along with the opportunity to share your point of view and privacy best practices.

Alan Chapell, President, Chapell & Associates
Marc Groman, Executive Director, General Counsel, NAI
Omar Tawakol, CEO, BlueKai


posted by Alan on Thursday, December 06, 2012

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