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Thursday, December 06, 2007

George Costanza is smiling...

Anyone who considers themselves a fan of Seinfeld knows that George had an intimate knowledge of every bathroom in NYC. Well, the good folks at MizPee have apparently taken that concept into the mobile space. You can search for bathrooms with the good stuff, add bathrooms that you've discovered, and even rate them for cleanliness.

Venture Beat covers them here.

This idea has worked really well for restaurants and bars (Citysearch, Dodgeball) finding a cleaning person people (Angies List) and even attorneys ( So why not bring this concept all the way into the commode?

Well, my first thought - how often do you find yourself in a strange city or neighborhood and in need of a bathroom? Are we starting to test the limits of web communities?

This seems like a fairly interesting feature to an existing map program, but probably not a stand alone service.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tales from SES

Earlier this week, I participated in this years Search Engine Strategies Show. I was on a panel with Jack Myers of, Pauline Ores of IBM, and moderated by Kevin Ryan and Kevin Heisler of Search Engine Watch.

Brian Cosgrove was kind enough to blog about it here, and I think he got most of what we said right. One notable exception, which I found funny.

"Alan states that you should let your child surf wherever they want without

Ha! My ten year old would love to hear that....

The point I was trying to make (but apparently didn't do so clearly enough) was this.... Back in the 1960's, many people used to sit their children in front of the television with little supervision. The TV as babysitter turned out not to be such a good idea. Similarly, parents who allow the Internet to be their babysitter are making a huge mistake.

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